TSDC Turns One! Our First Anniversary.

TSDC Turns One! Our First Anniversary.

TSDC Turns One! Our First Anniversary.

That’s the beauty of Milestones, they arrive like a whirlwind and yet you’ve known and felt every minute of it.That’s precisely how we at the Skin Diet Company perceive the incredible journey’s that’s been our first year as a young holistic skincare brand.

AKA We’ve turned one!

A result of Passion & Perseverance, Beauty Inside & Out, Skincare & Science and of course our core: Superfoods! Celebrating our first anniversary, we reflect upon TSDC’s journey with its founder, Harshita whose health and wellness discoveries resulted in the commencement, growth, and early success of The Skin Diet Co., her baby. The idea behind TSDC stemmed from Harshita’s personal skincare and health struggles that she faced at Uni while in New York, yet couldn’t find the correct resolution to until she incorporated and learned the importance of Superfoods to nourish her body and supplement her skin. This, along with adopting many lifestyle changes, helped her energy levels, stress management and acne struggles while continuing to working out
and keeping active. Hence, merging her two passions: Skincare & Superfoods are what motivated her to cultivate this passion project into a tangible brand.

Superfoods may have earned their well-deserved recognition in Nutrition but remain an unsung hero in the Beauty industry until recently. Predominantly, most skincare products out there emphasised on problem solving via key ingredients namely Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid etc. as buzzwords, and didn’t think Superfoods like a Watermelon could perform as effectively. Our aim was to bust those myths: not only are Superfoods brilliant as active ingredients, they’re a powerhouse of said vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants we look for in our products while also nourishing and protecting our skin barrier. To exemplify, Matcha’s a boost of anti-oxidants, 13x more than Spinach and Green Tea. Such superfoods, teamed with complimentary actives are what make TSDC products unique, and help us educate the customers about how truly helpful Superfoods can be. While there exist some Made-In-India skincare brands following the post Covid embracement of skin and self-care that use Superfoods as ingredients and branding, , there still remained a considerable market gap for products that have centralised the potential of Superfoods as the protagonist than just a mere presence. Another gap Harshita found TSDC caters to are “products prioritizing Textures, as consumers truly value how products simply feel to their user experience. All our 5 products have unique textures suited to the Indian climate, can be used AM/PM, and work very well for combination skin, the hardest to tackle. Our focus was to make products that make your routine minimal yet effective.”

Staying true to our brand philosophy, The Skin Diet Company has continued to preach the beauty inside-out approach while providing “A Balanced Diet for Skin” indeed with our product range. But, emphasising on the former mantra, any change one wants to make to their health, fitness, wellness, and skin must come from within. No creams or serums alone can resolve the dullness of face or diminish eye bags completely if we don’t follow a healthy sleep schedule, stay hydrated enough or supplement our body with the nutrition it needs. Balancing a holistic lifestyle and consuming nourishing food, complimented with effective products is the recipe to truly look and feel good, period. Having believed and practiced this judiciously by “keeping fit, meditating, sleeping right, cutting dairy (if it doesn’t suit you) and staying positive” are what helped Harshita achieve this goal, and via adopting superfoods like her, we seek to educate our customers and spread awareness of its impressive benefits. Trust us, it works!

A key focus of TSDC was to provide a perfect blend of clean skincare meets science, naturally sourced ingredients that are well-researched and formulated, something that ‘Natural’ brands often miss. How that balance was achieved was by firstly, shortlisting 5 out of 20 selected Superfoods to centralize our products around, then focus on their potency and performance to deliver the best possible results, and finally teaming them with the right actives to create stable formulations that lead to impactful problem- solving products. For example, harnessing the best of Nature for a serum made Avocado the perfect choice for its Vitamin E, Anti-Oxidents and essential fats to target and fix problem areas. That, teamed up with an active: Niacinamide, is what completes the product to perfection. Similarly, our Eye-cream blends the brightening boost of Bananas with supporting actives like Calendula that formulate well and function even better together for calm and content under-eyes.

And well, it paid off! TSDC in its one tiny year has already been hitting the mark,
especially with our Watermelon face wash, admired by experts and consumers alike. Surprising enough, we expected our Avocado Serum to be the star product due to its amazing Avo benefits, serum’s unique creamy texture and well, adorable packaging. But to our further delight, the Watermelon face-wash became our best-seller around, largely crediting to its texture. This enlightened us with the learning that customers highly value the feel and texture of cleansers as much as any other product, a huge appealing point of our refreshing face-wash with silica beads. Honestly, a win-win situation!

With all 5 products close to her heart and hence, in our first launch, the two products that are truly under-rated and imperative parts of Harshita’s daily routine are the Beetroot Moisturizer and the Matcha Toner. The former “due to its incredibly light-weight yet highly hydrating ability making it my summer staple, and the latter due to its bumps-erasing power for evening out skin like no other product has for me in our unforgiving heat.” Overall, the product range has been carefully curated to remain minimal but impactful, and staying consistent to that, we’re working on introducing more products that the mass can benefit from: solutions for mostly everyone! Also, we aim to enter more product categories and tap markets such as lip and body care to make products that pamper those areas’ skin with the TLC it deserves. Keen for what the future holds for TSDC, we’re so humbled by the positive feedback and grateful to our customers for trusting us with the largest organ of their bodies: skin. Onwards andUpwards!

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