Watermelon: An Underrated Gem of Superfoods

Watermelon: An Underrated Gem of Superfoods

One in a Melon:

Why yes, Harry Styles! Watermelon’s officially this year’s coolest ingredient, literally and figuratively. More than just groovy anthems, Watermelons are one summery-special Superfood for quenching both, thirsty gut, and thirsty skin. This hydration station is such a winner for its benefits in both refreshing and rejuvenating skin inside out, packed with Vitamins A & C. Plus, it’s just such a satisfyingly sweet snack to both eat and treat.

We at The Skin Diet Company prioritize a healthy lifestyle using Superfoods as our key weapon to attain one, and especially love watermelons for its versatility so much so, we made one of our star products centralizing it: The Skin Diet Company’s Watermelon Face Wash, unboxing the power of not just one but 10 of these magical melons. Cause why should watermelons be enjoyed in summers when their benefits can cool us all year around? Including Silica Beads that immediately burst to boost hydration with Pro-Vitamin B5, this face wash is both super kind to the skin and our environment. Instead of harsh damaging physical exfoliation, this face wash uses the very-many Watermelons’ Malic Acid (a mild AHA) and Salicylic Acid to chemically exfoliate the skin gently but effectively without any epidermal micro-tears. And that refreshing gel-to-foam texture is such a joyous experience to lather up and cleanse the skin without making it feel depleted. Quick Tip: Our Gen-Z Face Wash is evolved and abundant with actives to make cleansing multi-functional, so let’s make the most of it by massaging the cleanser onto wet skin for a good 30-60 seconds at least! Let the actives activate and perfect that stunning skin.

Made from 70% water, its well-obvious how highly hydrating this superfood is for our mere-mortal skin, but furthermore functions to fight free-radical damage keeping away fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. And, if that weren’t beneficial enough, it’s equally soothing and nourishing on the skin as it is satisfying to eat! To reap this superfood’s maximal benefits in a minimal use, our facewash is a champion at cleansing, refreshing, mildly exfoliating, and hydrating the skin, leaving it squeaky clean without that icky tight feeling. For, just as parched throats feel uncomfy, so does stripped away skin! Don’t just hear us on it, believe the many praises and positive reviews we’ve received over this carefully formulated, ethically sourced sulfate-free facewash for its duality in both effectively cleansing and amply nourishing the skin.

Watermelon as a delish fruit and its cooling byproducts like our best-selling Face Wash, is such an OG Superfood that remains under-rated and hence, must form a designated place in our skincare. Similarly, our Mediterranean feta salads, bruschettas and mixed juices must include the sweet hydration of this superfood. Koreans, like everything skin, have long pioneered in using this power-packed ingredient in their efficient yet effective skincare and as ever, they aced it! Hence, it’s high time we embrace these delightful, juicy melons to our year-around skincare, and our Summery diets.

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